Port Elgin Engagement Shoot

This engagement shoot took place a short drive down the shore from Port Elgin’s main beach, at a rocky spot known only by locals.

Port Elgin - Lakefront Engagement
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We met up at the Beachside Café for introductions, and to scope out the main beach area. The water had come in quite far, leaving the thin strip of sanded beach area quite busy.

Port Elgin Engagement

This couple - being locals who knew the area - suggested that we follow them to a better spot. It’s great when a couple knows the area that you’re shooting in, and it’s also nice when they have a special connection to the location. It’s important for couples to feel comfortable during an engagement shoot, as getting your photo taken can feel a bit awkward; we think choosing a shoot location that you associate with good times and relaxation can really shine through in your photos. Sometimes champagne helps too! We like to bring champagne to our engagement shoots in order to capture the celebratory bottle pop (and the spray and laughter that follows!) as a way to represent how special this time is for couples. If our shoot is scheduled late enough in the evening, sparklers are another fun prop to capture the magical celebratory vibes of having found that special someone.

Champagne Bottle Pop

After hopping back into our cars, zipping past North Shore Park, and parking on North Shore Road, we were shown a secret staircase that led to a pristine and private stony beach area. Save for one woman powerwalking by, we had the beach to ourselves for the entire evening!

Port Elgin Sunset

The bride-to-be’s outfit was pinterest perfect, and we were able to capture some gorgeous shots. While an overcast evening, the clouds eventually parted and the sun peaked out – allowing us to get some beautiful backlit photos. This couple was so much fun to work with – they were naturals at posing, and their affection and love for one another was clear both in person and through the lens.

Cheers to Amanda and Kody!

Port Elgin Sunset

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