Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

Full day photography coverage starting at $2500

Full day videography starting at $3500

Our most popular package, the Hybrid package, provides our couples with both a photographer and videographer on your big day. The big benefit of booking the hybrid package is that you know your photographer and videographer are always on the same page and working together to make sure your day is captured in the best light possible!

Send us a message to inqurie about Hybrid coveragef for your wedding.

Why is Wedding videography more than photography?

Wedding videography is more expensive due to gear, and post production time.

When I am filming a wedding day, I utilize three cameras, multiple audio recording devices, tripods, camera stabilizers and a drone for ariel shots (13K in camera bodies alone). There are alot more moving parts to manage, such as ensuring tripods and audio recorders are where they need to be. A typical wedding day will result in 200+ gigabytes of video files. Once the day is done, I go through hours of footage, and sift through hunreds of songs to find the best clips and soundtracks for your film. The editing time required to create a 4-6 minute film is often 36hrs+

In comparison, for wedding photography I bring two cameras, memory cards, and batteries. There is less equipment to manage on the day when shooting photo. Photo file sizes are often a 1/4 of what video would be and post production is also less time consuming.

How many images do you deliver for a wedding?

I typically deliver appoximately 50 images per hour of shooting. That being said, for an 8hr wedding day you can expect around 500-800+ curated, edited, and touched up images.

We do not place limits on how many photos we shoot or deliver; we try and capture everything! From posed shots of you and your partner, to candids of your family and friends.

What is your turnaround time?

My typical turnaround for photography and video is 4-8 weeks. I am big on communication and will keep you updated throughout the entire editing process.

I also try and get my couples a sneak peak of images/videos within 48hrs so you have something beautiful to show off after your big day!

Where are you based? do you travel?

My wife Jasmin and I currently reside in Owen Sound Ontario. We shoot weddings all over and do not charge travel fees (Within reason of course!).

We love to travel and are always interested in shooting destination weddings!

How do we book you?

Head over to the contact page and fill out the short form and I will get back to you in 24hrs.

Are you a preffered vendor?

Yes! Jasmin and I are preffered vendors with the Stella Collective and the Best Little Wedding Chapel. The Stella Collective manages Cellar 52, and the Timber Barn.

How do you choose music for highlight films?

I use a multitude of websites such as, that I pay a subscription for to ensure your videos can be shared freely on the intertnet. I spend alot of time going through these sites to find music that matches the feel of your special day.

Couples often ask about the use of top 40 music in videos. The issue with those songs is that they are copyrighted, and the fee associated with licensing them is enormous! If an unlicensed song is used in your video, it will not be able to be posted anywhere online without a copyright infringement, resulting in the video being taken down.